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How to Get Started with Listings

If you own or operate a business or organization, below you will find an overview of how to submit, claim, and edit your listing.

1. Do a Search to see if a listing for your organization already exists

To avoid duplicate listings, please search using the search function on the home page or listings page to see if someone already submitted a listing for your business/organization.

2. Claim Your Listing

If you find your business listing already exists, simply click on the "Claim Listing" button found on the listing page just above the phone #. You will then be prompted to login/register to claim the listing. NOTE: We only allow business owners or an authorized representative to claim listings.

3. Submit Your Listing

If NO listing already exists for your business/organization, you will need to submit it by clicking on "Submit Listing" which is found on towards the bottom throughout this site, and the top menu.

4. Choose FREE or Premium

Free listings will allow you to list your business name, address, phone#, website, and one featured image. Premium Listings will allow for additional features such as buttons/links to outside websites, video, slideshow, and more. To see a comparison, please go here:

5. Wait for Approval

After you submit your Free or Premium listing, please allow up to 2 business days for approval. You will receive an email notifying you of approval or disapproval. If nothing is received after a few days, please contact us.

6. Update Your Listing w/Changes

Once your listing is approved, you can login, click on your claimed listing and then the blue "edit" button as shown in the example above.

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